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Scratch in car doorMark came back to his new car, parked in Fields Corner, and found that one of the doors had been badly keyed. This apparently is Dorchester's way of telling people they can't have something too nice or too new. Or it's a way that people mark their territory when pissing on it just won't do. Either way, I have to wonder what the hell is wrong with people who do this. Are their lives so shitty they feel like they have to bring others down? And how is this Mark's fault?

Boston Recycles...sometimes

Petty complaint. Boston wants its residents to recycle plastic, glass, and paper, and they tell us how to prepare recyclables for pickup. Paper and cardboard get flattened and put in paper bags. Plastic and glass go into blue recycling bins. So far so good.

How about styrofoam packing?

My Secret Life as a Werewolf

Happy Halloween!

This was one of my better Halloweens in recent memory. Rather than be a mere candy dispenser and onlooker, I donned a costume and an alter-ego and participated this year.

Meet Werewolf Pat. He answered the doorbell and spoke with a growl and a gruff voice, taking care to look out the window first to make sure there was nobody under 3 feet tall who might be easily frightened.

Slippery Roads

We're having a snowstorm that was completely predicted. Unfortunately, my neighborhood seems to be a bit low on the food chain for basic plowing and treatment in winter weather. Today the roads became a bit slippery, and a Dodge Durango slammed into the rear of my car, which was parked and minding its own business. Looks like it'll be an expensive repair; let's hope that my insurance company sees fit to waive the $500 deductible.

Here's one of the pictures.

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