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Languish: To exist or continue in miserable or disheartening conditions

Ah, a perfect word to describe both my garden blog and the basement garden!

Bunches of plants have gone outside in the past month. Only the strongest are surviving. Many others grew too spindly, and so much as a drop or two of rain knocked them over.

The big winners are the 4 O'Clocks, which take all the neglect I can hand them yet still do well.

Two of nine hollyhocks are actually growing.

Two dahlias are thriving outside, one still inside (amazingly).

Gazanias are difficult to grow. Rain felled them.

First transplant outside

Today was a big day: I moved the asiatic lily back outdoors. It was outgrowing its peat pot, and other lilies outside are doing just fine. I planted it in the back corner. It's only growing a sprig, not a full fledged stalk, but I'm hoping for at least a flower out of it.

Everything else indoors is doing well. I planted 10 more zinnias, with this bunch growing only to 18 inches (45cm) instead of the 30" (80cm) the earlier zinnias are supposed to reach.

More stakes to the rescue, and reseeded cilantro

To those of you who think cilantro is evil, I agree as far as getting the seed to germinate. I reseeded it this evening due to lack of action. It's possible the soil was too moist, so I'm going to try and leave it drier.

The sweet peas have been falling over, and I had to stake them.

Three more convolvulus popped up, two of them in the same peat pot. It's a pretty flower, so I'm not going to complain if I end up with more than I need for the hanging basket.

The 4-Day Drought

While mother nature generally provides water for the outdoor plants, those growing in my basement were not so luck over the past few days. A trip to Washington, D.C. for the NCAA Frozen Four and for Easter kept me out of the house, unable to keep things moist. I aimed a private webcam at the basement garden and checked in on things from time to time, unable to fix drooping plants I saw from hundreds of miles away.

Welcome the Cosmos

I've been watching something sprout in the cosmos pot. Since this is dirt from the yard, I couldn't be completely sure it wasn't some random plant, but now I'm pretty sure it's a cosmos. I set up four peat pots with these, and in addition to the one that is up, I can see through dirt clumps that there's another just about to make the scene.

In just two days, four more of the gazanias have come up.

More new arrivals: 4 O'Clock

Today marks four weeks of basement seed starting.

A 4 O'Clock showed up this morning! This is one that I planted from seeds harvested last fall. The second one shows no signs of appearing, so I've planted a few more seeds and maybe something will grow.

Baby tomato plants are doing well. One of them straightened up and now has tiny leaves. I have visions of plump, juicy tomatoes this year - if I can keep to a good watering schedule. Some of our tomatoes last year went bad on the vine after I missed a watering or two.


Four tomatoes poked out of the ground today, defying the 70 degree temperature requirement printed on the seed packet!

Also just arrived, a fourth convolvulus.

On the right is a picture of my nasturtium plants. The tallest is 10", about an inch-and-a-half shorter than my nephew Ben's plant. (That leaf he pulled off maybe made the next shoot grow faster to replace the lost leaf. Way to go, plant!)

Wednesday Update

Things have been relatively quiet in the basement garden - plants keep growing, and all I have to do is water them. I apparently watered the zinnia too much, and the little leaves have turned yellow. I'll replant, otherwise I won't have any zinnia.

The nasturtium are doing quiet well. I think one of them is up to 10 inches or so, and they've all begun growing shoots with more leaves. I have no idea how these things survive outdoors, as they don't seem sturdy enough to stand on their own.

Sunday update

I know this is all boring without pictures. I'll work on getting one on here.

Lupine are doing well. A few more have erupted in the past two days, including one in an already occupied cell, so I moved it to a peat pot.

Sweet peas are doing well. I thinned the three pots and decided to transplant one of the thinned plants to a new pot, for a total of four of these.

Three convolvulus have appeared! I need three for the hanging basket I want to put together for the front porch. Everybody else with hanging flowers buys them somewhere, but I'll have grown ours :-)

New Arrivals

The California poppies showed up all at the same time, a first for me. I'll probably plant these in the front yard: they're low and should work well in some tight spaces.

A second lupine erupted. Both it and the first one are huge in comparison to the seeds I planted, and I'm surprised that it can grow so much underground before reaching light.

Some more sweet peas came up. Two pots, four plants. In at least two cases, the stalk appeared some distance away from the hole the seed went into. Poor geotrophism, I guess.

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