How-To posts explain how to do certain things.

How to clean CPAP accessories

We've got a CPAP machine in the household. This is a medical device that helps the wearer breath at night. Naturally, it involves a bunch of plastic parts, hoses, masks, etc. that need to be cleaned every so often. It can be difficult to get stubborn smells out, leading the user to be disinclined to wear the device, leading to lost sleep.

Here is a good cleaning solution.

Do It Yourself Car Service Payment Plan

Every so often I talk about my budgeted savings plans, and one of the ones that people find the most interesting is the way I save for my car maintenance.

The car maintenance program is easy and just requires that you have a savings account somewhere, and a place to track how much is in the fund. You don't need to open a new bank account unless you want to.

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