Information Security

I'm an information security specialist by trade, and every so often I may write about something I see in the industry that affects ordinary users somehow. Remember that free advice is worth every penny, and that if you follow my advice, you're doing so at your own risk.

Adobe Flash, Reader, and Acrobat Vulnerability

Over the weekend Adobe announced a critical security issue in a few of its products. This is a particularly serious issue for machines running recent versions of Flash, Reader, and Acrobat, because it's easy to stumble across something that can compromise your computer: you can pick it up just by clicking on a URL shortener link (e.g.,, etc.) that sends you to a hacker's website, or by just unknowingly visiting a hostile website or opening an unexpected PDF file someone sent you.

Privacy concerns and registration for the LA Times

Greetings LA Times,

I received your email asking me to sign up at your new website today so that I could continue receiving emailed headlines. I was a little surprised to see that you've set up single sign-on through Twitter and Facebook, and more surprised to see that you offered explanation neither on *why* Twitter asked me to make sure I trust you, nor what you would be doing with the broad access to my Facebook data that Facebook provides. (Yes, I read your privacy policy, and it doesn't seem to address the new signons.)

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