My Secret Life as a Werewolf

Happy Halloween!

This was one of my better Halloweens in recent memory. Rather than be a mere candy dispenser and onlooker, I donned a costume and an alter-ego and participated this year.

Meet Werewolf Pat. He answered the doorbell and spoke with a growl and a gruff voice, taking care to look out the window first to make sure there was nobody under 3 feet tall who might be easily frightened.

Looking out the window worked the first time, but it failed terribly the second: a poor youngster was frightened and burst into tears, and Werewolf Pat couldn't get his mask off soon enough!

A different approach worked only marginally better, and that was to slowly open the door so that the "reveal" wasn't quite so abrupt. Oops, more tears!

What did work well was for Werewolf Pat to simply loiter on the front porch or in front of the house, where the trick-or-treaters had a chance to figure out what he was about before they got too close, sometimes with the help of their parents. This made everybody happy! There were even some photo ops as parents had him pose with their kids.

Some of the kids were nonplussed by Werewolf Pat. Without exception, every boy with a sword approached him fearlessly, even when the werewolf threatened to bite their heads off!

All in all, it was a very fun evening, and it was great to be part of the fun instead of just watch it from inside the door.