Boston Recycles...sometimes

Petty complaint. Boston wants its residents to recycle plastic, glass, and paper, and they tell us how to prepare recyclables for pickup. Paper and cardboard get flattened and put in paper bags. Plastic and glass go into blue recycling bins. So far so good.

How about styrofoam packing?

I put out two recycling bins on Friday. One with regular glass and plastic. The other with 2' lengths of styrofoam packing from a large box. Styrofoam is type "PS" plastic and recyclable. The recycling guys picked up the regular glass and plastic, but they left the styrofoam pieces in the bin in front of my house. Who made that executive decision and why? I called the city to complain, but they never came to get the stuff even though they said they would.

I can easily put the styrofoam into the regular trash, at least I know that it'll get taken away; but why would the city make me act in this environmentally unfriendly manner?

The stuff will go out again on Friday. And I'll watch for the recycling truck so I can instruct the guys to take the styrofoam away, or find out why they won't.

The city should be making it easy to recycle, not difficult.