Sunday update

I know this is all boring without pictures. I'll work on getting one on here.

Lupine are doing well. A few more have erupted in the past two days, including one in an already occupied cell, so I moved it to a peat pot.

Sweet peas are doing well. I thinned the three pots and decided to transplant one of the thinned plants to a new pot, for a total of four of these.

Three convolvulus have appeared! I need three for the hanging basket I want to put together for the front porch. Everybody else with hanging flowers buys them somewhere, but I'll have grown ours :-)

The nasturtium continue their rapid growth. I think one of them is past 6 inches (15 cm) now, and the others are pretty close. I have four of these, plus one that I planted late. Interestingly, the sprouts had different coloration, some were the normal green, and some had a slight gray/blue hue to them. I made sure to keep both kinds because they may produce different colored flowers (well, makes sense to me anyway).

The columbine have officially sprouted over the past few days. It's nice to see something happening there after three weeks of virtually nothing.

The sunflower seeds were getting moldy. I threw them all out.

Outside, we've finally had some rain to help get things going. I'm hoping to see some more activity out there, especially from the lilies and the caladium.