Wednesday Update

Things have been relatively quiet in the basement garden - plants keep growing, and all I have to do is water them. I apparently watered the zinnia too much, and the little leaves have turned yellow. I'll replant, otherwise I won't have any zinnia.

The nasturtium are doing quiet well. I think one of them is up to 10 inches or so, and they've all begun growing shoots with more leaves. I have no idea how these things survive outdoors, as they don't seem sturdy enough to stand on their own.

Apparently it can be challenging for a nasturtium to survive indoors as well: the plant I gave my nephew Ben has one less leaf, the result of an aesthetic decision by the four year-old. I talked to Dan the other night and he mentioned the second plant. Apparently the spare seed finally came on the scene, giving Ben a second plant to terrorize :-) Dan said the spare plant had been uprooted and there was hole, so he set things right. I suggested that he get a ruler and measure the new plant each day to show Ben how plants grow, so maybe Ben might have reason to let them grow in peace. Then again he is only 4!

Another lupine broke ground. I've now got seven of these.

The lilac has actually begun growing a branch! I knew it was doing well, but I didn't think I'd see anything more than leaves. A branch is cool. A spider has taken up residence on the lilac. I like spiders, and this one is a type that I particularly like to have around the house.

There are new arrivals outdoors. A second caladium appeared, and two lilies are poking about 2 inches (5 cm) out of the ground. This corner of the yard doesn't get much sunlight, so the more plants I can get to grow there, the happier I am.

Pictures soon, I promise!