Welcome the Cosmos

I've been watching something sprout in the cosmos pot. Since this is dirt from the yard, I couldn't be completely sure it wasn't some random plant, but now I'm pretty sure it's a cosmos. I set up four peat pots with these, and in addition to the one that is up, I can see through dirt clumps that there's another just about to make the scene.

In just two days, four more of the gazanias have come up.

The fifth nasturtium and its spare (I don't know which is which yet) have both appeared. Meanwhile, its older siblings are getting pretty tall. I had to stake them to keep them from falling over.

The garlic has to go in real pots soon. They send out lots of roots, which have broken through the peat pots. Apparently the plant suffers if the root tips linger in the air, and I'm now seeing wilting and yellowing despite the good soil condition. Maybe I can get to that today?

Everything else is doing well.