The 4-Day Drought

While mother nature generally provides water for the outdoor plants, those growing in my basement were not so luck over the past few days. A trip to Washington, D.C. for the NCAA Frozen Four and for Easter kept me out of the house, unable to keep things moist. I aimed a private webcam at the basement garden and checked in on things from time to time, unable to fix drooping plants I saw from hundreds of miles away.

The lilac cutting died. I don't know whether this was due to lack of water, or because my pinching off a growing branch tip damaged its internal hydraulics. The cutting was growing scoliosis, and I wanted a more balanced shape. Outdoors I can just pick off any inconvenient plant parts, but maybe that wasn't the case for the cutting. Oh and learn. I may try again at some point.

Meanwhile, an actual lilac seed sprouted. I had given up on the set of those, and I was totally surprised to return from my trip and see it poking out of the dirt. I won't pinch parts off of this one!

The nasturtium and sweet peas are getting too tall. Again, I don't know how these things live outside, whether my planting soil is too rich and makes them grow too fast, or if I've got the lighting and watering wrong, but these things look like they're too tall and spindly to ever survive outside. Then again, I said the same about the Cosmos last year but had a couple of very productive plants.

I planted assorted cactus before leaving for DC, and two of them have sprouted--in just days. I'm shocked.

Outside, things are going well.

It turns out that the "caladium" I thought I saw were actually tiny lily shoots. The back corner lilies are coming up much stronger than they did last year. There's also some other kind of blue flowering shady plant I bought roots for last year: while it just grew a few low leaves in 2008, it's sending up actual branches from the ground now and may actually thrive.

I'm still pulling up zillions of maple seeds. Yes, that is a word, especially when you have to get them out of the garden one by one.

The clematis is officially off an on its way, having passed the budding stage to full speed vertical growth. It'll probably reach the bottom of the trellis in another two weeks.

The dianthus has begun to blossom, tiny scarlet flowers.