More stakes to the rescue, and reseeded cilantro

To those of you who think cilantro is evil, I agree as far as getting the seed to germinate. I reseeded it this evening due to lack of action. It's possible the soil was too moist, so I'm going to try and leave it drier.

The sweet peas have been falling over, and I had to stake them.

Three more convolvulus popped up, two of them in the same peat pot. It's a pretty flower, so I'm not going to complain if I end up with more than I need for the hanging basket.

I forgot to mention, I reseeded the cosmos a third time. The first time I think the seeds were bad, as I'd kept them in a sealed zip-loc bag since the fall. The second time, I think the soil moisture was too inconsistent and the soil (dirt from outside) was too compacted and trapped the sprouting seeds. I didn't actually dig up the seeds, so I can't verify this. This third attempt is using seeds I harvested last fall. Those plants were very happy, so hopefully their seeds are equally productive.

Outside, the asiatic lilies' main stalks are erupting. It amazes me that these thick stalks can break through the dirt so readily.

The clematis canes have grown to about 5".

The lawn is almost ready to mow. I can't wait to cut down those junk maple seedlngs that are all over the yard. I'll keep complaining about them as long as I'm picking them out of the garden areas.