Languish: To exist or continue in miserable or disheartening conditions

Ah, a perfect word to describe both my garden blog and the basement garden!

Bunches of plants have gone outside in the past month. Only the strongest are surviving. Many others grew too spindly, and so much as a drop or two of rain knocked them over.

The big winners are the 4 O'Clocks, which take all the neglect I can hand them yet still do well.

Two of nine hollyhocks are actually growing.

Two dahlias are thriving outside, one still inside (amazingly).

Gazanias are difficult to grow. Rain felled them.

Lupine aren't quite growing vertically, but they're not dying either.

Nasturtium should have been planted outside with a trellis long before I moved them out of the basement.

Outdoor tomatoes aren't so happy. Indoor ones are much happier.

My BLUE JACARANDA (a tree that grows in SoCal) changed from seed to seedling. It's not entirely happy outside, but it shows signs of improvement. It's going to live its life in a pot because it can't weather the Boston winters, and I'm going to need to find a way to keep it alive in the winter.

Portulaca are all dead.

Two of the zinnias are thriving.

The sweet peas don't like being outdoors, apparently. Like the nasturtium, they should have been given a trellis. Shame on Burpee for not telling me that these things need support.

Snapdragons haven't survived outside.

Lavender isn't doing well. If I want it I should just plant seeds outside.

Transplanted California Poppies aren't happy. But I planted some seeds and they're doing better,

One transplanted cosmos is doing well, to the left of my Stargazer Lily. There is a plant that looks just like a cosmos, only it's got a nice, hefty stalk, but the leaves are all the same. I'm assuming it's a cosmos and not some nasty invading weed.

Marigolds weren't happy outside.

(I'm doing all this from memory, BTW!)

3 Cleome finally came up and I should move them outside.

3 Violas need to be moved out.

And so on.

I'll wrote about my returning perennials another time!