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Scratch in car doorMark came back to his new car, parked in Fields Corner, and found that one of the doors had been badly keyed. This apparently is Dorchester's way of telling people they can't have something too nice or too new. Or it's a way that people mark their territory when pissing on it just won't do. Either way, I have to wonder what the hell is wrong with people who do this. Are their lives so shitty they feel like they have to bring others down? And how is this Mark's fault?

Wow, VASIMR: A powerful ion drive!

A real ion spaceship engine, not found in your father's space probe. Holy cow! Article at

Blu-Ray Only content?!

One of the moments I've feared has happened. The director's cut of a movie I'd like to purchase, Terminator: Salvation, is going to be made available on Blu-Ray only. I can't imagine that there's any content that requires Blue-Ray to enjoy, therefore I am attributing this decision to darker ulterior motives at Warner Brothers.

Pakistani Website Spammers

Well, it seems that this website has been visited by Pakistani spammers. These are the people who leave irrelevant comments with links to their own sites, in the hopes of tricking people into visiting them.

Well you Pakistani spammers, I'm on to you. Unfortunately for you, I've got comment moderation turned on, so you won't see anything you try posting until I approve it...and I'm not that generous.

Rescheduling of the Terriers Championship Banner Ceremony

Subject: Rescheduling of the 2009 Men's Ice Hockey Champion Banner Ceremony
Sender: Patrick Madden
Recipient: ,
Copy: ,
Date: 16.09.2009 14:41

Dear Directors Parker and Lynch:

I just learned that BU Hockey has moved its banner raising ceremony from October 20, the first home game and traditional event for banner raisings, to October 10, a holiday weekend and exhibition game. While the article at explains the rationale behind this date change, the announcement comes at a late time and has not given Terriers fans enough notice for them to plan to be at the Agganis, rather than elsewhere, over a holiday weekend. I am one of the people adversely affected by this change.

From Blade Runner: What *is* this anyway?

Blade Runner is my all-time favorite movie. (In fact, it's about time to watch it again.) Roy Batty nails the interesting philosophical problem in his rooftop monologue, and I like the way the movie is built out from that point.

Where's WBCN?

Is anybody else having troubles receiving WBCN now that it moved to 98.5 HD 2 ? My tuner is only getting 98.5 HD 1, and then the next HD station it seeks to is 100.7. Maybe they're still getting stuff moved around, so I'm not sure whether they want to hear from people who can't tune them in at the moment.

You read that right....

Black humor time.

This headline crossed my desk today:
U.S. sends arms to Somalia, rebels amputate limbs

Say what?

The whole article is at Reuters. While still unpleasant, the truth is a bit different than the headline!

Abusive eminent domain for Flight 93 memorial

Dear Sen. Kennedy:

Today I learned that the National Park Service/DOI is using eminent domain to procure land in Somerset County, PA, for a Flight 93 memorial, without having made a good faith negotiation with the landowners, merely because of impending paperwork deadlines.

The DOI has had the nearly 8 years since 9/11 to work on this. Yet it waited, and now the people of Somerset County are suffering the loss of their land and their homes so that a bureaucratic deadline could be met.

Cornell vs. Syracuse - Great lacrosse game except for one detail

Yeah, the Big Red lost to Syracuse today. I watched the game on TV and was thrilled to watch as Cornell kept the lead away from Syracuse. With about 4 minutes left in the game, the score was 9-6 Cornell.

Then the final four minutes struck.

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