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Medical Billing Technology Strikes Out

Wow, three strikes for medical billing technology over the course of just a few days.

First we have the insurance network that communicates the wrong contractual information about a provider, resulting in incorrect instructions sent to me.

Second there's the doctor who bills insurance from two years ago instead of using the card her office took pains to copy at my office visit.

And third, there's the billing system that made a cash copayment paid at time of service simply vanish (yes of course I kept the receipt!).

Quickest way to the trash

Attention Mass Mail Marketers: The quickest way from your printing plant to my wastebasket is to cite USC TITLE 18, PART I, CHAPTER 83, ยง 1702, Obstruction of correspondence on the envelope.

Who *are* you, Ben Delaware?

I'd like a word with you, Ben Delaware. Whether or not you did it yourself, your name has shown up in my email logs thousands of times, as spammers unsuccessfully try to write bendelaware, you, It all happened so quickly: one day nothing, and then suddenly every couple of minutes another message comes in addressed to you. You probably have no way of making this stop. But luckily it's just annoying and not overwhelming, otherwise I'd really be hating right now.

Just thought I'd let you know...

Junk Charity: New England Assocation of Chiefs of Police

Another junk charity showed up on my radar today. I'd love to know what list of suckers I'm on, and why, since I don't contribute to these lost causes. Today's call was from the New England Association of Chiefs of Police (NEACOP). Or rather, it was from their fundraiser, who receives 80% of contributions made, while beneficiaries receive only 3% of each contribution, according to their 2008 IRS Form 990.

In fact, the beneficiaries aren't even the individual, injured officers the telemarketer claimed...instead, the only beneficiaries in 2008 were the Special Olympics ($12,000) and The Jimmy Fund at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute ($12,000). Both of these are outstanding charities, and I personally contribute to the Jimmy Fund. But if I want to give them $100, I'm going to write them a check for $100--I'm not going to write the New England Association of Chiefs of Police a check for the princely sum of...$3236.

Wall of Shame: Verizon Communications and Verizon Wireless

Last complaint, hopefully for a little while. Verizon Wireless (VZW) stealthily switched my BlackBerry to a ridiculous 5 megabyte/month data plan, which I didn't know about until they called to let me know I'd racked up an $1900 bill. VZW profusely apologized and promised to correct the billing. They also promised me there would be no further problems with my account on account of their mistake.

The Newest Threat to Aviation Security

I had a TSA Checkpoint ExperienceTM at ACY (Atlantic City, New Jersey) last Monday. I made the mistake of wearing cargo pants through the checkpoint, not realizing that this article of clothing is a sure sign of a terrorist. I made it through the magnetometer just fine, but I was stopped upon passing through it by an over-zealous TSA agent. In my heart, I just know that the agent would rather have sent me packing, or made me run my pants through the X-Ray machine; and that he was disappointed that he had to settle for a pat-down.


Scratch in car doorMark came back to his new car, parked in Fields Corner, and found that one of the doors had been badly keyed. This apparently is Dorchester's way of telling people they can't have something too nice or too new. Or it's a way that people mark their territory when pissing on it just won't do. Either way, I have to wonder what the hell is wrong with people who do this. Are their lives so shitty they feel like they have to bring others down? And how is this Mark's fault?

Pakistani Website Spammers

Well, it seems that this website has been visited by Pakistani spammers. These are the people who leave irrelevant comments with links to their own sites, in the hopes of tricking people into visiting them.

Well you Pakistani spammers, I'm on to you. Unfortunately for you, I've got comment moderation turned on, so you won't see anything you try posting until I approve it...and I'm not that generous.

Curry College and POP servers for student email

Is this still accurate? Post comments below.

A few months ago, I set up a BlackBerry for a Curry College student so he could use it to get his email. This worked fine up until a few weeks ago, when BlackBerry informed the student that his account information needed to be revalidated. Revalidation failed, so I took a look at it.

Boston Recycles...sometimes

Petty complaint. Boston wants its residents to recycle plastic, glass, and paper, and they tell us how to prepare recyclables for pickup. Paper and cardboard get flattened and put in paper bags. Plastic and glass go into blue recycling bins. So far so good.

How about styrofoam packing?

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